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Tips for Norco College Registration

Look through the courses at the college in the spring schedule (see link). Pick classes of interest or classes that might fulfill a general education requirement at UC or Cal State schools (see the IGETC or CSUGE for classes that are most likely to transfer.) Pick more than one day/time that fits into your schedule, in case the first one is full. Highlight or make a list of several classes, dates/times, and their schedule code to make it easier to enter during registration. (Norco College does not give hard copies of the schedule of classes. It is only online.)

If your student has their registration time during school, he/she can ask to be released from class to go to the computer lab to register if they show their teacher their registration time. Please note that computers at school run a little slower, and when you and several other students are registering at the exact same time, it's best to use a higher speed connection. Keep in mind some classes will fill up in the first few minutes. It's like buying concert tickets. You want to be ready and waiting for the screen to unlock!
If you get into the class you wanted, GREAT! If not, you'll have to...

Waitlist for as many classes as you want. Keep an eye on your waitlist position. As students get into classes, they will drop off of other waitlists, and you'll move up. Once your two-class maximum is reached (three classes if you were allowed to overload), you will be dropped from all other waitlists. This means if you get into your second or third favorite class, you cannot continue to waitlist for your first favorite class.

If you are STILL on the waitlist when school starts, get an ADD card from the front desk, and go to the first class. Talk to the professor directly. JFK teachers will allow you to attempt to add college classes during this first week of each semester. Some college professors will add all students who show up. Others will not. It's up to the professor or the course, so ask around to other students to see if anyone has taken the same class before and knows the professor's policy.


There is a 5 student cap when registering for classes. Once 5 students have registered for a class, no more JFK students will be accepted, even to be put on the waitlist. Students can still try to add the class with an ADD card, as described above.

There are $35 - $40 in fees due to Norco College for fall/spring semesters. Be sure to pay this before the first day of school or you will automatically be dropped from the class. This can be done through Webadvisor or at the college.

Once you're fully registered into classes, take a printout to the counselor or advisor if any changes need to be made to your JFK class schedule. Do this ASAP so you can get to your first college class without missing a JFK class. You will also be taken out of any placeholder classes at JFK.

The books necessary for each class are listed after you are registered. Some teachers suggest you wait until the first meeting to get your books, in case a book is recommended instead of required, or if they decide to change editions. I have found that if you do this, then all of the rental books or used books may be taken. There are also other places to look for books or ebooks, such as,,, or Check their return policies. Some places let you return it within the first week of school for a refund. Renting books or eBooks are the cheaper alternative, if you don't need to keep the book after the class.

Finally, remember that the first week of college classes each semester brings a ton of traffic in the morning. Be sure to leave extra time to get to JFK.

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